Heating & Air Conditioning

heatingairpageAs everyone knows heating and air conditioning on automobiles need lot of attention as the automobile gets older. A simple cabin air filter will cause your heater box to fill up with dust, dirt and leaves, causing evaporator and heater core leaks. We at Lowry Repair Center have just what you need to keep your heating and a/c needs to the optimal performance level. We offer on the spot overviews of your systems and are able to repair it in a quick and reliable time period.

How it works!

The heating and air conditioning system have two different ways they work.

The heating system works off the engine temperature to get you heat. As the engine coolant heats up it cycles through the cooling system to the heater core where the blower motor blows air through the heater core supplying you heat inside the cab.

The air conditioner gets its cold air from the Freon, which is a gas that turns back and forth from gas to liquid. The compressor is the heart of the system. It pumps Freon through the system starting with the high side of the system where it is a gas form. Then to the low side of the system where it turns to a cold liquid, which then travels though the evaporator core giving you cold air inside the cab.