24/7 Towing Company in Minneapolis, MN

When your car breaks down or you’ve been in an accident, deciding how and where to have it repaired can be overwhelming. Here at Lowry Repair Center we partner with N. E. Towing to get your damaged vehicle to the repair center any time of the day or night. Known for their prompt service, N. E. Towing is also well known for the care they take to load your vehicle, and any separated parts, onto their trucks. With their 24/7 towing services in Minneapolis, MN, your car or truck will be delivered to Lowry Repair Center, placed in our secure repair bay, and your keys safely placed in their overnight lockbox. A detailed report of your vehicle, as well as its condition, will be given to us by the representative of our partner towing company.

Towing Services to our Auto Repair Shop in MN

Rest easy knowing that your vehicle will be delivered safely to us here at Lowry Repair Center by N.E. Towing Company. Both N.E. Towing and Lowry can work with most insurances. No matter your situation, N.E. Towing can get you out. They offer 24/7 immediate response, as well as local and longer distance transport. For both roadside services and off-road 4×4 pull-outs, you can count on the professionals at N. E. Towing to extract your vehicle and take it to us here Lowry Repair Center.

Expert Towing 24/7 in Minneapolis

Trust the experts for quality towing and the latest techniques for recovery, towing, and safety. All of their employees are state-certified, and the company has a state of the art GPS system that provides them your location with accuracy. Be assured that you’ll receive prompt and efficient service, from pick-up to drop-off. Call N.E Towing Company near Minneapolis, MN at 763-571-2660 for 24/7 towing services and as always, Lowry Repair Center will be here waiting for you!


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