Transmission Repair/Overhauls


Transmissions are a key component to making your vehicle move down the road. Proper care and maintenance are required when making your transmission last. There are a variety of different transmissions used in today’s modern vehicles. We at Lowry Repair Center are trained to handle any type of transmission we are given. We strive to meet our customers needs in every way we possibly can.

How it works!

The engine is the driving force of the transmission. When the engine is started the engine flywheel is turned. The flywheel is attached to the transmission torque converter. Transmission fluid is then moved throughout the transmission, by a pump within your transmission flowing first through a filter and then through a valve body. With the help of shift solenoids to create your different gears. There are clutch packs in the transmission that propel your vehicle. Over the course of time the clutch packs wear and material makes the transmission fluid dark and dirty and the fluid breaks down and needs to be serviced.