Belt & Hose Replacement / Timing Belts & Chains


Belts and Hoses are what keeps everything moving, from pulleys to fluids these items are important. We at Lowry Repair Center keep a close eye on these items on every oil change to make sure you’re not stranded on the side of the road. Belts and Hose do wear out and need to be replaced. Belts will crack and break and Hoses will become soft and not withstand the pressures that the fluids can produce. Take your vehicle to Lowry Repair Center and we will make sure your belts and hoses don’t break on you!

How it works!

A engine drive belt is driven by the crankshaft of the engine it is wound around several pulleys that run a series of different items, from air conditioning, power steering, alternator, air pump, to water pumps. Over the course of time these belts dry up, crack and break apart. There is also timing belts that keep your engine in time. Timing belts are a general maintenance item that you want to make sure you get done at the recommended service interval to prevent internal engine damage. Hoses are what fluid is transported through to get to various components of the vehicle. Coolant hoses are the most common they transfer coolant from the radiator to the motor and motor to heater core for your heat. You also have hydraulic hoses for power steering fluid, air conditioning, and transmission oil. They are consistently getting hot and cold and wear out over the course of time.