Suspension is a key component to keeping you and your vehicle safely on the road. We offer the best suspension service around town. From shocks, struts, ball joints, coil springs we do it all. We use top of the line chassis parts. All of our parts come with a 1 year 12,000 mile warranty. We strive to keep you comfortable and controlling on the road. Most people think of suspension as a comfort, but it actually forces the tires on the ground and stabilizes the vehicle around corners and turns. It also helps you have a quicker stopping distance when you have to make that unexpected stop. Lastly it gives you that comfort that you desire on the Minnesota’s rough roads!

How it works

Your suspension supports all the weight of your vehicle while absorbing all the bumps and pot holes in the road through your shocks and struts, ball joints and control arms. The normal life of a shock or strut is 50,000 miles. As it is giving you a soft and comfortable ride in the cab. A good not worn suspension will make your vehicle stop quicker and prevent premature tire wear. When you hit a bump in the road that’s when the suspension takes over and forces the hit of the bump into the suspension and is absorbed, at the exact same time pushing the tire back down to the road surface to stabilize the vehicle.